IGFA - Royal Slam Clubs

IGFA has started recognizing their newest "Conservation" clubs. There are six new Royal Slam Clubs. These clubs consist of the angler catching all IGFA recognized species in certain categories. Click on the links, below, to view a list of members of each club.

The BILLFISH ROYAL SLAM will recognize anglers who have caught the following nine species within their lifetime: Atlantic and Pacific Sailfish, Atlantic and Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish, and Spearfish.

The SALMON ROYAL SLAM consists of catching or catching and releasing: Atlantic, Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, and Sockeye.

The TUNA ROYAL SLAM consists of: Atlantic or Pacific bigeye, Blackfin, Bluefin, Dogtooth, Longtail, Skipjack, Southern Bluefin, and Yellowfin.

The SHARK ROYAL SLAM consists of: Blue, Hammerhead, Mako, Thresher, Tiger, White, Tope, Whaler, and Porbeagle.

The BASS ROYAL SLAM consists of: largemouth, smallmouth, rock, shoal, white, whiterock, spotted and striped.

The TROUT ROYAL SLAM consists of: brook, brown, bull, cutthroat, golden, lake, and rainbow.

All fish must be caught using IGFA rules.

All of IGFA's new awards will include embossed certificates.

The registration for all Royal Slam Clubs is $50 (US).

Printable Application Form