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IGFA School of Sportfishing

Did you know that trolling a specific size of baits or lures that match what is currently available to your target in the wild can directly affect the number and quality of the bites you get?  

Pelagic species like tuna and marlin can get very focused on the size of the bait available to them in the wild. Varying the size of baits and lures in your spread can help you figure out what size bait your quarry is feeding on. It is also important to educate yourself on what size and species of bait is most abundant in the waters you are fishing. The more you know about feeding habits the more fish you will entice to strike. It is important to have various size baits and lures rigged and ready for use, every time you leave the dock. Simply reducing the size of your bait or lure can get a fish like a yellow fin tuna to bite much more aggressively. Learn more about this and many other secrets to more productive trolling when you take the Advanced Trolling Techniques class.

The popular IGFA School of Sportfishing, brought to anglers by Mercury Marine, has just finished up another great session and will be on break for the summer.  We will have a new series of classes ready soon for the fall fishing season.  

Take your sportfishing to the next level by learning from the best!

Along with the course materials, each participant will receive complimentary tackle and products including Yo-Zuri lures and much more. Every class also features door prizes such as lures, rods, and rod/reel combos. We also hold an end-of-session raffle for a grand prize - a one year subscription to Hilton's Realtime Navigator!

Class Schedule coming soon

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Cost per class is $100 USD for IGFA members and $150 USD for non IGFA members.  The fee covers the cost of the class, course materials, and tackle used for activities during each class. For more details call Anthony Vedral at 954-924-4254 or e-mail

Classes are taught in Dania Beach, Florida at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum. Each course features printed curriculum on the session, equipment, demonstrations, and hands-on instruction professional sportfishing captains.

Class sizes are limited to 24 anglers so register now! IGFA reserves the right to cancel a class if the minimum attendance of 10 participants is not met. You will be notified of a cancellation and a class credit will be added to your account.