IGFA Trophy Clubs

The IGFA Trophy Clubs are the only clubs which require that the catch be weighed. They are the 10 lb Bass, 10 lb Bonefish, 25 lb Snook, 30 lb Muskellunge and 50 lb Dolphinfish Clubs. An angler that catches that species weighing at least that much is eligible for the club. The fish may be weighed in the boat on a certified scale and released to make it easier for the angler to qualify their catches without killing the fish. All Trophy Clubs require a $50 (US) application fee. Download a Trophy Fish Club application

All catches, past and present, can be submitted for IGFA’s Slam and Trophy Clubs as long as all of the necessary documentation can be provided. For more information on IGFA’s Slam and Trophy Club Programs, please contact World Records Coordinator Jack Vitek at 954-924-4246 or jvitek@igfa.org.