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The International Game Fish Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping.

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Newest Top World Record Anglers 2014

Eight men and women are new to the IGFA's list of top anglers this year, including the First and Third Place Female Saltwater angler, Second Place Male All-Tackle Length angler, and more. Check out our photo gallery of the latest top World Record hunters and their catches!

Created On: 4/14/2014     Updated On: 4/14/2014

Hot Catches April 14 2014

Created On: 4/14/2014     Updated On: 4/14/2014

Anglers Choice Contest 2013

The 2013 Anglers Choice Contest pitted 10 freshwater and saltwater catches made in eight countries against each other for the honor of being named the best new world record of 2013, and anglers worldwide logged in to vote for their favorite during the month of March.

Created On: 4/3/2014     Updated On: 4/3/2014

Potential new All-Tackle Pacific bluefin tuna

Kiwi angler Donna Pascoe may have set the new IGFA All-Tackle world record for Pacific bluefin tuna – a 411.6 kg (907 lb 6 oz) giant that exceeds the current IGFA record by nearly 60 kg (132 lb 2 oz)! Pascoe was fishing aboard the Gladiator with Capt. Scott Sutherland off Three Kings, New Zealand on February 19th, when the massive tuna devoured the skipjack they were trolling for marlin. Pascoe battled the fish for more than four hours, and endured multiple injuries due to rough seas and winds exceeding 35 knots. The IGFA is currently reviewing the application, but if approved, Pascoe’s fish would become the new All-Tackle record, as well as the women’s 60 kg (130 lb) line class record. Congratulations to Donna and the crew of the Gladiator on an incredible catch!

Created On: 4/2/2014     Updated On: 4/2/2014

Hot Catches April 2 2014

New catches from three continents are challenging the bar for world records in this week's round up of Hot Catches. Check out the details on potential new world record cutthroat trout from Nevada, USA, spotted bass from California, USA, tropical gar from Costa Rica, and southern bluefin tuna from Brazil by clicking the "i" in the upper left corner.

Created On: 4/2/2014     Updated On: 4/2/2014

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