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Hot Catches January 29 2015

Potential world records from Australia, Japan, and Gabon are featured in this edition of IGFA’s Hot Catches. Not only are these four incredible catches, but several of them show that IGFA world records can be caught from shore, and they can be released alive.

Created On: 1/26/2015     Updated On: 1/26/2015

Hot Catches January 9 2015

This version of IGFA’s Hot Catches features four incredible catches from Brazil, Canada, Norway, and the USA. Freshwater, saltwater, light tackle, heavy tackle, and fly – all the bases are covered with these potential new world records.

Created On: 1/9/2015     Updated On: 1/9/2015

Hot Catches December 16 2014

Four impressive world records – all of which were released alive – have just come in from Japan, Thailand, Canada and the USA. Check out these hot catches that were just received by the IGFA’s World Record Department.

Created On: 12/15/2014     Updated On: 12/15/2014

Hot Catches December 2 2014

This edition of Hot Catches features four impressive catches from Australia, Spain, and the remote Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean – including an historic black marlin catch that could potentially replace a record that has stood for nearly 40 years.

Created On: 12/1/2014     Updated On: 12/1/2014

Hot Catches November 17, 2014

Incredible freshwater and saltwater catches from Tonga, France, Japan and the USA are all pending approval to become new IGFA World Records. Check out these five Hot Catches that were recently submitted to the IGFA.

Created On: 11/17/2014     Updated On: 11/17/2014

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