Offield Searching for Marrow Donor

When it comes to conservation, Paxson Offield has given generously to protect some of the ocean ecosystem’s most majestic animals. “Packy” is a past chairman of The Billfish Foundation and the Peregrine Foundation, past president of the Avalon Tuna Club, current Chairman of the Catalina Seabass Fund and the International Game Fish Association, and has been involved in almost every recent effort to save billfish. But since his leukemia diagnosis in December of 2011, efforts are now being made to find a bone marrow donor to help save his life.

 “Packy Offield has given so much to protect billfish and support the international angling community,” IGFA President Rob Kramer said. “I hope that a donor search will help find someone who can give back to him.”

A search is being conducted through Be The Match, a national organization that provides bone marrow and umbilical cord transplants to patients in need. Seventy percent of those diagnosed with blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma do not have a donor in their family and depend on the Be The Match Registry to find a match to save their life. At this time, a matching donor has not been found for Packy among those who are already registered.

The test itself is a simple cheek swab that is painless and only takes a second or two. Collection kits are available through Be The Match at For more information on how you can help, contact Pat Conlee at 714-800-1630 or