Representative News

IGFA Representatives from Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Belgium and Russia joined IGFA Trustees Michel Marchandise and Pierre Affre, IGFA President Rob Kramer, IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser and IGFA International Committee Coordinator Andy Saldana during the annual IGFA European Mediterranean Representatives meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey on June 14th. With nearly 25% of all 327 IGFA Representatives residing in Europe and around the Mediterranean, this meeting is one of the most important IGFA Representative meetings of the year and all IGFA Representatives are encouraged to participate.  

This annual gathering of IGFA Representatives from a particular region not only allows IGFA staff to inform representatives about new projects going on at Headquarters, but it allows the staff and other representatives a chance to hear what each other is doing in their particular country and collaborate on efforts where possible. 

The meeting featured presentations from IGFA staff as well as IGFA Representatives Elvio Pennetti (Turkey), Oriol Ribalta and guest speaker Ignassi Ferrer (Spain), and Luca Bonfanti (Italy). Representative’s presentations covered different topics including restoration projects on the Ebro River in Spain, blue shark monitoring initiatives, the Great Tuna Race tagging project and the tagging of Mediterranean spearfish among others. 

The IGFA is very grateful to IGFA Representatives Elvio Pennetti and Serdar Gunseren, as well as meeting sponsor Yaban TV ( for their help hosting this important annual meeting.

Present at the meeting were Representatives Lorenzo Roca, Serdar Gunseren, Raul Roca, Ailsa Schwarzkopf, Ahmed Shaker, Barbara Kjessler-Prot, Luca Bonfanti, Massimo Brogna, Endrik Tõnsberg, Elvio Pennetti, Roberto Ripamonti, Oriol Ribalta and Andrey Grigoriev.