Testing Monofilament to Braided Spectra Connections

Braid to Monofilament Connections:
Testing the No-Name (Bristol), Uni-Uni, and the Albright knots

The IGFA crew was intrigued by an article on braided line to monofilament connections in the July/August 2010 Issue of Sport Fishing magazine. We followed their lead and put three relatively fast and easy to tie connections to the test on our Instron 5543 line tester.


Lines tested:


  • 30 lb braided-line (manufacturer stated)
  • 50 lb monofilament (manufacturer stated)

• The No-name (Bristol) knot out-tested the Uni-Uni and the Albright.
• With close observation, the braided line of the Albright connection (15 twists)  has a tendency to slip over the monofilament.  
   More twists (25+ twists) made during the tying of the Albright should improve holding power.
• Observed slight slipping of the Uni-Uni connection but performed better than the Albright.
  Average Breaking Strength of Knots