Congressional Leadership Must Take Action for Billfish

With the passage of the Billfish Conservation Act in the Natural Resources Committee of the House of Representatives on August 1, 2012, the U.S. is close to taking a strong stand in the conservation of one of the ocean’s most magnificent apex predators. Known formally as H.R. 2706, the bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support in Committee – a good sign for billfish everywhere. But there is more work to be done to protect the future of these imperiled species.

Now recreational anglers must urge House leadership to schedule the Billfish Conservation Act for a speedy passage, and encourage the Senate Commerce Committee to schedule a hearing for the bill as soon as possible. Keep America Fishing has made it easy to send a message to Members of Congress pressing them to support the Billfish Conservation Act. Simply visit and enter a ZIP code, and letters are automatically generated to local Representatives and Senate Members.

“Now is the time to tell leadership in Washington that they have an opportunity to make an important impact with recreational anglers,” said International Game Fish Association President Rob Kramer. “This bill is a perfect example of how conservation legislation can result in enormous benefits to the economy while sustaining imperiled species at no cost to American taxpayers. This important step is great news for recreational anglers and for people working in tourism, sportfishing and marine businesses.”

Learn more about the Billfish Conservation Act.