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IGMR Reaches 60,000 Milestone

63,765 nautical miles tracked to date2015 is starting out to be a great year for the IGFA Great Marlin Race!

On New Year’s day, a satellite tag on a Pacific blue marlin popped up 2,292 nautical miles (nm) away from where it was deployed last summer in Kona, Hawaii, USA and pushed the IGMR total miles to 63,764 nm!

The current 2014-2015 race year has been momentous with 52 tags placed on blue, black, and striped marlin and sailfish during seven different events in the Bahamas, Australia, Nicaragua, Seychelles, and the United States. So although the recent pop-up is the fourth longest distance recorded in IGMR history and the blue marlin is currently in first place for the overall 2014-2015 race year, with 35 tags still due up in the next five months, the winning title could still go to anyone!

The IGFA is proud to announce that since this billfish research program began in 2011, 167 tags have been placed on billfish in 15 countries around the world. The repository of data collected from the IGMR is rapidly growing each day and provides an amazing resource with which to study the movements and habitat use of these important, open ocean fish. Thanks to the support from recreational anglers like yourselves, we are able to learn more about these fish so we can keep this sport we love alive!

Please visit the IGMR website to see results and tracks from all IGMR events and to learn about the many ways for you to get involved with this important conservation project.