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Kona USA 2012

A marlin tagged in Kona Hawaii during the 2012 HIBTTen tags have been sponsored at the 53rd Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) in Kailua Kona! It didn’t take long for the fishing to get hot at this year’s HIBT. The HIBT is the first race location for the IGMR's second year and day one of the tournament saw three fish tagged. The first fish tagged was a 136 kg (300 lb) blue marlin caught by Stephanie Chen aboard the Golden Aussie, piloted by Capt. Dave McComas. First Mate Ari Levine placed the tag sponsored by West Marine’s Bluewater Futures Marine Conservation Grant. Capt. Chuck Wigzell’s Hooked Up followed suit, when Townsville Game Fishing Club’s tag was placed on Greg Gilbert’s 79 kg (175 lb) blue marlin by First Mate Rick Reger. The third tag was deployed on an 82 kg (180 lb) blue marlin, after it was caught aboard Capt. David Unger’s Nasty Habits by angler Rolf Czabayski. The tag was put on the fish by Czabayski’s son Ralph, who also sponsored the tag.

Day two of the HIBT IGMR was also a productive fishing day, as three more tags were deployed on fish. Capt. Guy Terwilliger led High Flier and the South African Protea Team to the first tag of the day. Their tag was deployed on a 91 kg (200 lb) blue caught by Wian Terblanche and tagged by Dave Martin. Angler Masaharu Matsushita followed suit, by tagging another blue marlin of the same size from the vessel Lightspeed manned by Capt. Rob Ellyn. This tag, number five in the HIBT IGMR, was sponsored by the Kona Game Fishing Club of Taiyo, Japan. Tag six, sponsored by Ralph Bodine of Ultimate Sportfishing, was placed on a 68 kg (150 lb) blue marlin from aboard Capt. Mark Schubert’s Miss Mojo after angler Allen McGee reeled it in and HIBT Great Marlin Race Coordinator Bob Kurz tagged it. Keep checking back here for updates on the action in Kona!