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San Juan Puerto Rico 2012

Club Nautico de San JuanFor the second consecutive year, the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) participated in the International Billfish Tournament (IBT) of Club Náutico de San Juan! The IGMR was eager to participate after a very successful tagging event in the previous year, where the winning marlin traveled a distance of 4,776 nautical miles and holds the record for the longest marlin track to date.

The 59th annual week-long IBT tournament began September 23, 2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Four tags were generously sponsored by Federico Stubbe, Pepe Anton, Sjon and Jamey Harless, Agie Vicente, and Gustavo Hermida.

The first satellite tag was deployed during the second day of the tournament, September 24, 2012, on a 79 kg (175 lb) blue marlin. After a 13 minute fight, the fish was caught by Salvador Egea and tagged by Federico Stubbe aboard Prisa. On the morning of the fourth day of the tournament, September 26th, Carlos Garcia B. hooked up with a 91 kg (200 lb) blue marlin aboard Amirita, and the blue was tagged by IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser. On September 30th, in the afternoon of the final day of the tournament, Sam Friederichs placed the third satellite tag on a 136 kg (300 lb) blue marlin aboard M&M/Hook-Up. The angler, Ernesto Oliva, described the marlin as having “good color” and being “lit up the entire time.” Just two hours later, Gustavo Hermida caught a 59 kg (130 lb) blue and the marlin was tagged aboard Fish Hunter.

We are pleased to announce that three of the four tags in this race have reported and the track data has been released by our partners at Stanford University. On November 20, 2012, the tag deployed by team M&M/Hook-Up reported 397 nautical miles (nm) after just 51 days at large. On January 1, 2013, team Amirita’s tag surfaced 1,162 nm from where it was deployed after only 97 days at large. The last tag to surface was from team Fish Hunter with a distance of 496 nm after reaching the full 180 day deployment period. Congratulations to Team Amirita! Team Amirita’s marlin has officially been declared the winner of the 2012 San Juan IGMR!

“The International Billfish Tournament of Club Nautico de San Juan hosted the first tagging event of the IGMR when we began this project in 2011,” IGFA’s Schratwieser commented. “With the data reporting back from 2012 IGMR tags, the total number of nautical miles we have tracked on fish in Puerto Rican waters is now 8,720. San Juan has been a wonderful place for billfish research, and we are excited to continue this partnership with Commodore Hermida and our friends at Club Nautico de San Juan.”