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Shimoda Japan 2015



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Shimoda, Japan 2015 Race Start

OCTOBER 2015 -- Hosted in Shimoda, a rural fishing town at the tip of the Izu Peninsula, the Japan International Billfish Tournament (JIBT) is one of the most successful big game tournaments in Asia. July 17-20, 2015 marked the 37th JIBT and the debut of the IGMR in Japan where five tags were generously sponsored by the Japan Game Fish Association and the late IGFA Chairman Packy Offield.

Due to floods and landslides caused by typhoon Nangka, the first two days of the tournament were canceled, but the fishing was hot during the final two days of the JIBT.

On July 19, 2015, Forward Captain Yoshi Suzuki tagged an estimated 100 kg (220 lb) blue marlin after a 25 minute fight with Kumi Saegusa. The fish was described as “strong and healthy” as it swam away with the first satellite tag of the race. 57 days later, the tag reported 567 nautical miles (nm) away and the track will be available to view on the race page soon.

One hour later, Morio Wakasugi caught an estimated 125 kg (276 lb) blue that Satoshi Ikeda released with the second satellite tag in the IGMR while fishing aboard Phoenix. The tag is due to pop up on March 15, 2016 and we can’t wait to see where the marlin swims.

The following morning of July 20, 2015, Masakatsu Sakuma reeled in an estimated 80 kg (176 lb) blue marlin after an hour fight before Mahalo Captain Shigeshi Tanimoto released the fish with the third satellite tag of the race. The tag is due to report on March 16, 2016.

The following day on July 21, 2015, Tetsu Yoshida tagged an estimated 120 kg (265 lb) blue marlin after a quick fight with Ken Tamura aboard Admiral. Although the deployment was described as a “good, healthy release”, the tag popped off the only nine days later and 197 nm from where it was deployed. Unfortunately, there is not enough data available from the short deployment period to create a track.

The final tag in the race was deployed on August 28, 2015 by T. Miyazaki after an 80 minute bout with angler T. Ito while fishing aboard True Blue II with Captain Kiichiro Nagashiki. The tag is due up on April 24, 2016.