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Victoria Seychelles 2015


Team A1 Sportfishing's 550 lb black marlin was first to be tagged during the Big Game Classic / Photo courtesy of IGFA Representative Faizal Suleman
The "A team" were the winners of the Big Game Classic Marlin Competition for their 550 lb black marlin / Photo courtesy of IGFA Representative Faizal Suleman

Mangi Katana helps bring the 550 lb black marlin aside A1 Sportfishing's Alati / Photo courtesy of IGFA Representative Faizal Suleman


Angler Michael Mason fishing with Lwembe Murira, Capt Perry Rosalie, and Mangi Katana / Photo credit: Faizal Suleman/ Photo courtesy of IGFA Representative Faizal Suleman





Victoria, Seychelles 2015 Race Update

MAY 2016 --Since the last update, one tag has popped up in the Victoria, Seychelles 2015 IGMR. The tag on Fish 2-Team A1 Sportfishing popped up on March 21, 2016, just 59 nautical miles away from where it was deployed after 121 days.

While reviewing the data to create a track, it was observed that the tag recorded a dives immediately to 600 m, then showed a diel diving pattern between 200 m and 600 m for the remaining time. Interestingly though, there was no light data recorded until it popped  to the surface. Our partners at Stanford speculated that perhaps the fish died, the tag subsequently eaten, and it took a long time for the tag to be expelled. However, they felt that because the lack of light data recorded is strange, they sent the data files to Wildlife Computers to see if they have any further insight.

The tags on Fish 3 and 4 are due to report on July 18, 2016.


Victoria, Seychelles 2015 Race Start

JANUARY 2016 --On November 21, 2015, The Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) and Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund teamed up for the second year in a row for the 2015 Victoria, Seychelles IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) during the SSFC Big Game Classic. During the one-day trolling only tournament, three tags went out on one black and two blue marlin.

About 10 am in the morning of the tournament, angler Michael Mason hooked an estimated 250 kg (551 lb) black marlin while fishing aboard A1 Sportifshing's Alati with Captain Perry Rosalie. After an hour and half fight with the fish, Lwembe Murira released the marlin with the satellite tag generously sponsored A1 Sportfishing. Calling themselves "the A Team", the A1 Sport-fishermen were the winners Winners of the Big Game Classic Marlin Competition.

About two hours later, angler Hendrik Hayman placed a satellite tag sponsored by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) on an estimated 150 kg (331 lb) blue marlin after he fought the fish for about  2 hours while aboard Yebo Gobo with Captain Anthony Hayman.

An hour later, angler Danny Lowlam caught an estimated 125 kg (276 lb) blue marlin which he fought for about 25 minutes before Mervyn Magnan released the fish with a satellite tag sponsored by Oceana Fisheries. According to Mazowe Captain Patrick Camille, the blue swam away in "excellent" condition.

Another satellite tag sponsored by Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund was deployed on an estimated 200 kg (441 lb) black marlin about seven months before the Big Marlin Classic (classified as Fish 1 on the race page). However, this tag unfortunately failed to report.

With five other tags sponsored by Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, Eden Island, and Seychelles Fishing Authority, we are excited for future tournaments and satellite tag deployments in the Seychelles.