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Hot Catches May 21, 2015

The recently received records featured in this edition of IGFA Hot Catches include a grass carp, mutton snapper, Papuan black snapper, and a whitefin corvina from Florida, USA, Papua New Guinea, and Costa Rica.

Created On: 5/19/2015     Updated On: 5/19/2015

Hot Catches May 7, 2015

Potential world records on rainbow trout, striped bass, and talang queenfish, from Idaho, USA, Alabama, USA, and South Africa, respectively, make up this edition of the IGFA's Hot Catches

Created On: 5/5/2015     Updated On: 5/5/2015

Hot Catches April 23, 2015

Potential world records on three premier game fish species make up this edition of the IGFA’s Hot Catches – a Chinook salmon from Chile, a golden dorado from Argentina, and a kelp bass from California, USA. Even more impressive is that all three record-sized fish were released alive to grow even bigger.

Created On: 4/22/2015     Updated On: 4/22/2015

Hot Catches April 9, 2015

This edition of IGFA’s Hot Catches features two impressive potential records speckled peacock and walleye, coming from Colombia and Canada, respectively. A potential record red lionfish from Mississippi, USA is also featured, as these highly invasive pests are rarely caught on rod and reel, despite their unwelcomed population influx.

Created On: 4/8/2015     Updated On: 4/8/2015

Hot Catches March 26, 2015

Potential records on cutthroat trout, channel catfish, snapper (squirefish), and trahira have recently come in from the USA, New Zealand, and Suriname, respectively, to make up this edition of the IGFA Hot Catches.

Created On: 3/23/2015     Updated On: 3/23/2015

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