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IGFA Slam Club Update: First Japanese Member of Salmon and Trout Slam Clubs

Mr. Fumiya Okuyama of Tokyo, Japan recently made IGFA history by becoming the first Japanese member of both the IGFA’s Salmon and Trout Royal Slam Clubs. Okuyama’s quest for his Salmon Royal Slam began more than 26 years ago, when he landed a Chinook salmon while fishing Alaska’s Yetna River on June 25, 1986. Okuyama’s final catch for the Salmon Royal Slam, a chum salmon, came on October 30, 2012 while fishing the Kido River in his native country of Japan. In fact, Okuyama’s chum and pink salmon catches came from Japan. The other four species - Atlantic, Chinook, coho and sockeye - came from trips to Alaska and Canada. Okuyama began his Trout Royal Slam on June 15, 1994 - catching a brown trout while fishing Lake Chuzenji, in the city of Nikko, Japan. Almost 18 years later, on March 15, 2012, Okuyama completed his Trout Royal Slam with a rainbow trout while fishing Japan’s Katsura River. Okuyama had to travel to Canada and the USA for his cutthroat, golden, bull and lake trout.

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