Mark Sosin

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1933 -
2004 Inductee

Mark Sosin’s career has spanned all phases of outdoor communications. He is an award-winning writer, photographer and television producer, and is an authority on both freshwater and saltwater angling. Sosin was a charter member of the Salt Water Fly Rodders of America, which was formed in the early 1960s. Commonly known as “The Salty Fly Rodders,” this group defined and shaped the theories and the ethics of saltwater fly fishing and played a vital role in its modern evolution. Starting out with the goal of simply educating people and getting them interested in fly fishing in salt water, the SWFROA founders are credited with planting the seeds that continue to this day to spark international interest and growth in the sport. The first magazine devoted entirely to saltwater fly fishing, Double Haul, was published by the organization. And by 1965, Mark Sosin had written the original rules governing saltwater fly rod catches. These guidelines, soon adopted by the Rod & Reel Club of Miami Beach, ultimately became the standards of the sport of saltwater fly fishing. In 1978 Sosin, who was in charge of record keeping for The Salty Fly Rodders, supervised the transfer of the fly rod records to IGFA. Frank Woolner helped Mark Sosin get started in fishing journalism. By 1964 Sosin had submitted his first piece to Salt Water Sportsman magazine. Woolner, then-editor of the magazine, “poured on the criticism,” and each article Sosin subsequently submitted was better than the one before. But Mark Sosin is a fisherman, not just a fishing writer. Blessed with a father who could get “just as excited over a bluegill as a 100-pound tarpon,” this New Jersey native began a love affair with fishing when he was just a boy, and he’s never lost his enthusiasm for the sport. Sosin is not content with armchair research. He has a passion for on-the-scene reporting and has spent countless hours fishing the waters of all 50 states and some 45 countries. Interaction with anglers of the world inspires him. To Sosin, this ongoing process -- the exchange of thoughts, ideas, theories, techniques and methods with others – adds a rewarding dimension to his beloved sport. Mark Sosin has been involved in broadcasting since 1967 when he began a five-year stint covering the outdoors for CBS Radio in New York. For the past 20 years, he has produced and hosted the popular television show Mark Sosin’s Saltwater Journal. Saltwater Journal was the first fishing show of its kind; when it began, television executives feared that the only people interested in a show about saltwater fishing were those living in coastal cities. But Sosin, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, came armed with business acumen as well as journalistic talent and fishing knowledge. Two decades and many awards later, Saltwater Journal is the longest-running marine fishing show on TV and Sosin is considered a television pioneer. Each show targets a major species, combines solid information with exciting fishing action, and emphasizes conservation, with every fish released alive and a strong message about the fragility of the outdoor world. And he continues to write – on everything from flats fishing to bass fishing. Mark Sosin does everything he can to help people catch fish, and over the past 40 years he has shared his expertise – and a huge amount of useful information -- with the angling public in more than 3,000 magazine articles, 29 books, and at lectures, seminars and clinics. A Director Emeritus of The Billfish Foundation and a former Trustee of the University of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory, he is past president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and a recipient of its coveted Excellence in Craft Award. He also has served as consultant and advisor to government agencies, conservation groups and corporations. In the introduction to Sosin’s 1979 classic, The Complete Book of Light Tackle Fishing, Frank Woolner wrote, “When Mark Sosin submitted his first story to Salt Water Sportsman, he said that he wanted to become one of the best informed sport-fishing writers in the world. The ‘best’ is a select group,” Woolner added, “[but] I don’t think he ever doubted that he would succeed.” IGFA honors Mark Sosin, one of the best.