Sportfishing History

Historic Profile: A Time When “Over” and “Under” Reels Competed for Prominence Around the World

Did you know there was a time in the early history of big game fishing when proponents of “over” and “under” reels competed for prominence around the world? Following the founding of the Tuna Club of Santa Catalina Island in 1898, the enlarged over style reels used to capture the first tuna, marlin and broadbill swordfish dominated the tackle market...More>>


Image Archive: The Dade Thornton Collection

Dade W. Thornton (1923-1998) was a noted naturalist, journalist, tournament coordinator, IGFA Representative, and one of sport fishing’s best known ambassadors. Today thousands of Dade’s photographs, negatives, and tournament-related materials are part of the IGFA’s archives....More>>


IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame Flies and Lures

Flies and Lures from the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame

The IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame encompasses individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to our sport - whether by their own angling prowess or through their accomplishments in industry, conservation, science, or writing. Here we recount nine Hall of Fame inductees who made innovations in flies and lures, and in doing so changed angling world wide...More>>