The IGFA Announces 80th Anniversary Initiatives

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 The International Game Fish Association Announces 80th Anniversary Initiatives

TOKYO – June 7, 2018 The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) today announced five new initiatives designed to strengthen its stature as one of the world’s leading conservation-based recreational angling organizations in advance of its 80th anniversary next year.

The IGFA was founded 79 years ago today by Michael Lerner, Dr. William K. Gregory, Francesca LaMonte and Van Campen Heilner during a meeting at the American Museum of Natural History on June 7, 1939. Prior to the establishment of IGFA, there was no universally-accepted code of ethics or a set of international rules to govern recreational angling. 
“As the dawn breaks on our 80th year, we have the opportunity to transform and modernize the IGFA to better deliver on our vision and mission,” said IGFA President Nehl Horton during an official visit to the Japan Game Fish Association (JGFA) offices in Tokyo.  “Each of these initiatives is focused on maintaining a sustainable balance between game fish conservation and recreational angling as envisioned in our original motto from 1939, ‘For ethical angling and productive science’.”  
The new initiatives include: 
  • Strengthening and expanding the international network of IGFA representatives, clubs, captains and members to increase IGFA’s presence and relevance in angling communities around the world.
  • Establishing International Game Fish Angling Day (IGFA Day) on June 7, 2019, as a platform to reach new anglers, educate them about ethical angling practices and activate them as ambassadors for the sport and advocates for game fish conservation.
  • Teaching 100,000 kids to fish in locations around the globe to help build a new generation of educated, ethical and accomplished anglers.
  • Launching three major signature research initiatives – two of them focused on fresh water science – to better deliver on our commitment to game fish conservation.
  • Re-establishing the IGFA as a leader in recreational angling competitions focused on outstanding angler achievement, not cash prizes.
Horton said the association would provide further details on each of the new initiatives as they launch over the coming weeks and months, culminating in the first celebration of IGFA Day on June 7, 2019.
About the IGFA
Founded in 1939, the International Game Fish Association is a nonprofit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making, record keeping and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field of angling. The IGFA also maintains world records in freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and junior angler categories. The IGFA has members in more than 100 countries.