Jason Schall Named Sportsmanship Award Winner

The IGFA is pleased to announce that Jason Schall of Charleston, South Carolina, USA has won the 2014 IGFA-Chester H. Wolfe Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. An avid fisherman, Schall loves to share his passion for the water with children, friends, and those who are new to the sport. In fact, his nomination for this award was inspired by his dedication to doing just that!

During the Ministries2Men Angler’s Cup held in Charleston, South Carolina, USA this past June, Schall decided to make a young boy from his church, Conrad Seaman, his partner, forgoing a “professional” team to honor the child’s wish to go fishing. While fishing for bait prior to the event, Schall accidentally skewered his foot with a heavy spear on the boat. The injury was severe, requiring anesthesia and surgery; however, instead of resting up after his release from the hospital, Schall cleaned himself up, took a two-hour nap and awoke in time to honor his promise to young Conrad. Not only did they compete that day, but they took first place in the catfish category!

In addition to mentoring both children and adults in the sport he loves, Schall is an avid conservationist. During the Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament, Schall and his team forfeited the event in order to rescue hundreds of red drum that they discovered were dying of oxygen deprivation. He serves on multiple tournament boards and encourages their moves to catch-and-release. Jason Schall truly embodies the spirit of the IGFA-Chester H. Wolfe Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, and the IGFA is proud to honor him at the upcoming International Auction & Banquet on January 31, 2014.

The IGFA-Chester H. Wolfe Outstanding Sportsmanship Award was established by Barbara Wolfe in memory of her late husband, Chester, to honor his love of sportfishing and his passion for ethical behavior on the water. Nominations for the 2015 Sportsmanship Award will be accepted until October 1, 2014. To learn more or nominate an outstanding sportsman, please click here. To reserve your seat to join us in honoring Jason Schall at this year's International Auction & Banquet, please click here.