RBFF Grant Educational Impact

The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) Grant has been instrumental in enabling the IGFA to reach more than 45,000 children each year.  This grant, which is part of the RBFF’s National Youth Boating and Fishing Initiative, has helped expand the IGFA Outreach Program across the United States and actively involve more children in fishing and boating. Additionally, the grant funds educational labs and fishing clinics to reach underserved schools and economically-challenged youth in the South Florida community.  By introducing tens of thousands of children to our sport, the IGFA hopes to not only create lifelong anglers, but stewards of our natural environment as well.

"The interactive, hands-on programs provide these students (especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds) with impacting experiences that can very well lead them down career paths in natural history, marine and environmental biology as well as conservation and earth studies...While recreational fishing and marine conservation are integral parts of life in South Florida and vital to our region—the majority of children rarely learn about their importance.  Further, the health of our oceans directly relates to the health of humankind.  We believe that seeing firsthand how this affects us all can inspire our students to build deeper awareness and activism."

- Boulevard Heights Elementary School

"We chose IGFA’s educational programs due to the fact that IGFA brings to life what students read on the pages in their books.  We feel it is critical to have our students learn the value of marine and estuarine resources to our natural and human environment...More than anything, we want these children to be lifelong learners while developing both an understanding and passion for the aquatic environment."

-Hallandale Elementary School

"The IGFA has a reputation among educational agencies as an excellent resource in environmental education...At IGFA [our students] can learn about how to conserve wildlife and wetlands, and how to wisely use the resources that surround us. These are all important elements of living responsibly."

- Beacon Hill Preparatory School

To learn more about the IGFA's Education Program, please contact Education Director Jeff Mackin at [email protected] or 954-924-4247.