March 12, 2015

International Game Fish Association Bi-Weekly Newsletter

March 12, 2015

Broomtail Grouper         Record Spotted Bass

Beast of a Broomtail

Steven Lebowitz recently submitted what could become the second largest broomtail grouper (Mycteroperca xenarcha) ever recorded by the IGFA...Read more >>


All-Tackle Spotted Bass?!

Lou Ferrante caught the largest spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatis) ever recorded by the IGFA - a 5.07 kg (11 lb 2 oz) fish that may earn...Read more >>



Swimming Ballyhoo How-To  

Swimming Ballyhoo Made Easy

In offshore angling, few rigs are as simple and effective as a swimming ballyhoo 

This instructional video shows how to quickly rig a ballyhoo on a circle hook to effectively, and responsibly, target a variety of big game saltwater species. View here >>


Snelling a Hook How-To  

Snelling Your Circle Hooks

Learn how to properly snell a circle hook for improved results when fishing with bait

Whether you're fishing a rigged bait, a chunk of cut-bait or a live bait, a properly snelled circle hook can be highly effective in ensuring a strong hook set. View here >>


Catch Certificate  

Recognize Your Catches

Just because it's not a world record doesn't mean your memorable catch can't be recognized 

The IGFA's Outstanding Catch Certificates are a great way for members and non-members to commemorate their top catches, personal records, or even just a memorable experience on the water with friends or family. 

Choose from over 100 Guy Harvey images, and add specific catch details to create your custom, hand-signed catch certificate. Learn more >>


Palm Beach Boat Show  

IGFA Member Discount

All IGFA members receive $5 off tickets to the Palm Beach International Boat Show 

From March 26-29, attendees can enjoy the incredible boats, yachts and products at one of the largest boat shows in the US. And don't miss the FREE IGFA School of Sportfishing sessions held during the show. Learn more >>

Global Rescue

Mar. 12

New Jersey Freshwater Fishing Seminar

Mar. 20, 25-27

IGFA Fishing Day Camp

Mar. 26-29

IGFA School of Sportfishing at Palm Beach Int'l Boat Show

Apr. 3

IGFA Fishing Day Camp

Apr. 17

18th Annual New Jersey IGFA Fundraising Auction & Banquet

Apr. 18

12th Annual IGFA Angling Achievement Awards Ceremony

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