Trophy Named After IGFA Representative Albert Threadingham

The newly established South East Queensland Inter Club Game Fishing Challenge’s trophy has been named after IGFA Representative Albert Threadingham and his wife Pauline Threadingham to honor their hard work in assisting the participating clubs to run their tournaments successfully. The Challenge is comprised of over eight tournaments and was organized by Tony Cross of the Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club in collaboration with The Moreton Bay Game Fishing Club, Little Ships Game Fishing Club and Gold Coast Game Fishing Club.

Albert has been an IGFA Representative for over 35 years. In 2013 alone, he and Pauline provided assistance at 16 different tournaments. They are often found traveling to various tournaments worldwide to offer their time and experience for rules briefings, terminal tackle checks, weigh-ins, scoring, judging and more. “We will continue to assist where ever we can to promote the rules of game fishing and fairness to all anglers, and give encouragement to young anglers whenever we can,” said Albert and Pauline of their commitment to the sport of game fishing.

The IGFA has approximately 300 Representatives from nearly 90 countries and territories on the IGFA International Committee. These Representatives act as ambassadors of the IGFA- a liaison between the angling interests in their areas across the globe and IGFA Headquarters in the United States. To learn more and find a Representative in your area, please click here.