Contest Rules

General Information

For a catch to be entered into the contest, the angler has to be a paid member of IGFA. Catches made by non-IGFA members can be registered for the contest after the angler has become an IGFA member.

Contest dates October 1, 2017 through September 1, 2018. Only fish caught during these dates will be eligible for the contest. Submissions must be received by the IGFA within 30 days of catch.

All contest submissions must be caught by IGFA rules.

Contest Categories

The contest recognizes the heaviest of each eligible species in three categories

Eligible Species

Only the predetermined list of saltwater and freshwater species are eligible


All contest submissions must be documented with photographs and/or video.

Photo/video must show the following:

1. Angler with the catch

2. The rod and reel used

3. The scale used

Scale & Weighing

All contest submissions must be weighed on a certified scale. The scale used to weigh the fish must have been certified within the past 12 months of when the fish was weighed.

If the scale has not been certified within the past 12 months at the time of weighing, the scale can be checked and certified for accuracy as quickly as possible after the weighing.

The IGFA provides a scale certification service for current members. Scales with a maximum capacity of 45 kg (100 lb) and less can be sent to the IGFA, and certified for a fee of $40 USD.

The IGFA has official Weigh Stations around the world that offer a certified scale.

Tackle Submission

All contest entries require the submission of terminal tackle (conventional) and fly leader (fly).

Conventional & Junior Angler submissions require the full length of leader and double line (if used) and approximately 5 meters (~15 feet) of the line immediately following the leader, double line, or hook.

Fly Tackle submissions require the full length of the fly leader, including the fly. No section of fly line is required.

Tackle must be post marked within 30 days of the catch date.