Bass, yellow

(Morone mississippiensis)

Jordan and Eigenmann, 1887; MORONIDAE FAMILY; also called barfish, brassy bass, stripe, striped bass (erroneously), streaker

The yellow bass can be found in quiet pools and backwaters of large streams, lakes, and reservoirs from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan south to Louisiana, eastern Texas, and the lower Coosa and Mobile Bay drainages. It is relatively confined to the central Mississippi Valley area and has not been extensively transplanted, though it has been introduced to some degree into other areas of the states within its native range as well as Arizona.

The yellow bass resembles its close relative, the white bass (Morone chrysops), but can be recognized by its golden yellow sides and more irregular stripes (of the 6 7 stripes the 3 4 that lie below the lateral line are broken or interrupted toward the tail.

The yellow bass is a scrappy fighter and a popular species among light tackle and panfish anglers. The flesh is white, flaky and better tasting than the white bass

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Current All Tackle Record

2 lbs. 9 ounces.

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